Monday, August 17, 2009

The Winner Is...


Who has chosen the above photo - "Boats and Light Beam"


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Andrew J. Tonn Photo Blog Giveaway

Well, I did it! I convinced my wonderful friend, Mr. Andrew Tonn to allow me to host a Blog Giveaway featuring his photography.

After traveling many parts of Central America, then on to Sweden, Ukraine, Hungary and many other European travels, and then back again to our original stomping ground in the eastern, rolling lands of Northern Ohio, he has managed to find himself with a rather large and beautiful collection of photos. (Well, negatives really...)

For this particular giveaway, he offers us the "Blue" collection. All of the photos are shown below and the lucky winner will get to choose which of these he/she wishes, in an 12x8" format, matted (correction). I know... selecting will be the hardest part.

So, how do you get entries in for this wonderful giveaway??

There are SOOOO many ways!!!!!!!

1. Leave a comment here, specifying which of the photos below would be your choice (don't worry changing you mind when you win is all right with us) if randonly choosen, along with the method of contacting you if you win. This part is required by all entrants!! (Equals 1 entry)

For the following entries, you must post a comment specifying these actions have been taken. The entries will be counted by the comments you leave!

2. Blog about this giveaway. Leave a comment with the link here. (Equals 1 entry)

3. Post a link on your blog to Andrew's website ( (Equals 1 entry)

3. Post a link on your Facebook to Andrew's website. (Equals 1 entry)

4. Post a link on your blog to Rosey Jewels Boutique Blog or Etsy shop. (Equals 1 entry each blog/shop)

5. Post a link on your Facebook to Rosey Jewels Boutique Blog or Etsy shop. (Equals 1 entry each blog/shop)

6. Twitter about this contest with a link and post it here. (Equals 1 entry)

7. Follow Rosey Jewels Boutique Blog. (This automatically qualifies you for ALL Rosey Giveaways) (Equals 2 entries)

8. Purchase any photo from Andrew's galleries, found at (Equals 5 entries)

9. Purchase any item from Rosey Jewels Boutique on Etsy, found at (Equals 5 entries)

10. Refer anyone else to purchase from either Andrew's galleries or Rosey Jewels Boutique - make sure they reference the giveaway and your name! (Equals 5 entries)

Now that's A LOT of ways to win!!!!!

Contest runs through Sunday, August 16

Winner will be announced on August 17 at noon.

Links You Need for the above entries:

Andrew J. Tonn Photo -

Rosey Jewels Boutique Blog -

Rosey Jewels Boutique Shop -

Good Luck!!!!